Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mounted Dwarves

Okay, so back to Battlelore. I painted up two units of mounted Dwarves I'm not sure what they are riding (maybe cattle?) but I wanted with a sheep-like theme given the Scottish look of these dwarves.

Lovely figures. A bit big for dwarves (bigger than the humans) but lots of character.

Up next: A passal of knights.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some tanks

As a change of pace from Battlelore, I thought I'd post some tanks. The Shermans below were struggling with a weird paint crackling effect. Terry helpfully supplied some decals that distract the eye a bit from the crackle effect.

I also picked up some tanks from Terry's crawlspace clear out. These are 1/87-scale Roco tanks (I think) with a T-28 and T-35 below.

I've had a harder time identifying these tiny light tanks. Based on the pictures I saw on line, they aren't T-70s (which was my first guess).

There was also this 1/76-scale T-34 that I think Terry did a lovely job with the paint on.

Up next: Back to Battlelore with some mounted dwarves.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lion Rampant at the Club

We had 10 guys out at the club last night, including newcomer Maury. Bruce hosted two scenarios for Lion Rampant. In the first game, Wiley and I managed to turn a great battlefield position into a bloody rout with bad dice.

Things started well. Then we ran into a bunch of knights who just crushed three units in three turns (bad morale dice). Very disappointing. I think we more or less had the field position right.

I bailed out before the second scenario ran. I did watch a few minutes of Chain of Command as the allies struggled to drive up the same road for a third time.

The German tank had just arrived when I left and was opening up on the troops hugging the hedges.

Up next: I picked up some tanks and I have also been moving a bunch of Battlelore figures through painting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dwarf pikemen

To mix things up some, I pulled out some of the Battlelore dwarves to paint. These were from the Scottish Wars expansion, I think, and are pike men.

Nice enough sculpts, although the demands of casting a robust plastic figure seems to mean the dwarf pikes are tree trunks. The figures are huge for 15mm dwarves (being taller and beefier than the humans).

I get it is fantasy and there may have been game play implications (small dwarves would look funny on the regular sized bases and would be hard to manipulate) but the name seems to cry out for smaller figures! (no idea why blogger insists on centering this section of text).

U next: Club night on Tuesday and some more mounted human knights. Then maybe some dwarf sheep-riding cavalry.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

More medium foot (sigh)

I turned my attention back to the pile of medium foot in the Battlelore set. These are boring as hell to paint and there are a lot of them!

I production-lined these with varying pant and shirt colours but overall similar looks. The result is okay.

Again, the shield decals make the minis pop.

Up next: Some Dwarfs carry pike are almost done (fiddling the tartan a bit) and then the club on Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lions Rampant

I braved a rain storm (in Edmonton in January?) and drove out to Bruce's place to try out Lions Rampant. Bruce had painted up a bunch of 15mm figures for the game: a mix of Essex mounted and Peter Pig foot.

The game was a hoot: very light, few rules, stark choices and enough randomness that it was fun. I had a knight-heavy army and watched with alternately delight and horror as they charged off after whatever was close. Jeeez!

Very simply rules that you could explain and play with anyone. I wonder what the fantasy version is like (as I paint up my Battlelore dwarves)?

Up next: More 15mm Battlelore. First some foot then some Dwarven pikemen.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Battlelore: First of the mounted

I finished off the first of the mounted units for Battlelore. I picked three different poses and did a unit of each for a total of nine figures.

These fellows with the long swords are from the Code of Chivalry expansion (I think). Overall, these are probably the nicest of the mounted figures, with decently sculpted horses.

These fellows are from the same expansion. The horses are a bit squat-er bit the key problem is their lances are terribly warped. I tried all of the usual tricks to straighten them but the plastic is very soft. I wonder if I can disguise the issue a bit with some pennants?

These are the regular cavalry from the original base set. The riders are nice enough but the horses looks like a pony and a pig had a baby.

You can see the difference between a bad and a good horse in the shot below.

Up next: I'm off to Bruce's to game Tuesday. I should have another dozen medium foot done by the weekend. I'm also working on a dozen dwarf spearmen (as a change of pace).