Sunday, December 14, 2014

15mm WW2 Artillery

I finished up 10 guns and 63 crew this weekend. All models are 15mm Battlefront US troops.

The first batch were four 105mm howitzers. I was asked to mix and match the uniforms some to include some older M1941 jackets, some OD green, herringbone twill fatigues, some M1943 outfits, and some of the short-lived camo outfits.

The idea was to create a beat-up looking unit. The camo was tricky--I needed enough contrast to survive the wash and also account for the colour shift all around.

The centre unit below includes two guys in camo (1st and 3rd) from the left, a fellow in herringbone twill (2nd from left) and a fellow in the M1943 uniform.

The second unit includes six 105mm light howitzers plus a few (unpictured) support stands (FO, CO).

Up next: Tuesday is club night. After that, there three or four more 15mm infantry units to paint up with differing uniform requirements. And then onto some 54mm AWI for the holidays.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some 15mm WW2 tanks

Over the weekend, I made some progress on a large 15mm US armoured commission I took on. The tanks came assembled and mostly base coated so I decided to finish those first.

I ran into a recurring issue with minis that arrive with paint on them: matching the colour. The Sherman's above include two I painted with "historically accurate OD green" flanking a 105mm Sherman the owner painted with "historically accurate OD green.

His can was slightly darker. Not really an issue (as the tanks would have been a grab-bag of runners at this point and he wanted a beat-up look) but the darker OD creates some challenges (see below).

The rest of the tanks include two Easy Eights and a Jumbo Sherman (above) along with four tank destroyers (below). I think these are with 76mm guns (can't recall the name), not the 90mm Jacksons. Sorry the picture is so blurry!

There were also three groups of halftracks. The first unit painted up just fine.

I was asked to paint the second unit with a black and green pattern to visually distinguish it from the first unit. While you can see the pattern (below) under studio lights, in regular gaming lighting there is inadequate contrast between the green and the black (the black just disappears). So I used star decals without the circle on the hood to differentiate them.

There was also a group of mortar halftracks.

And a pair of jeeps (I see I need to do their bases yet).

In exciting news, after waiting almost two years, GMT has reprinted the second and third CCA expansions and my copy arrived this afternoon! 

Up next: I'm working on a bunch of 15mm artillery pieces and troops to go with the tanks. There were detailed instructions on uniforms so I am carefully following them! And the club meets for the last time in 2014 on Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fire in the Lake

Bruce returned from the Sentry Box with a copy of Fire in the Lake, a board game about Vietnam. The game provides for up to four players on two teams, although you can play with up to three of the "players" programmed (so you can solo). The allied players are also friendemies, with conflicting victory conditions and other dynamics.

There are military, economy and political dimensions to the game. The core mechanic is card-based where you know the current card and the next card and what the active player does affects the options for the next player and only two players (in a sequence determined by the card) can play per turn but at the cost of playing next turn (confused yet?). Then there are multiple options, all of which have only incremental immediate effects on the board (frigging insurgencies!) but add up on the long-term.

We managed to play most of the rules right (I think). The US won but I have no idea how or why. This looks like a very complicate dame to get good at with lots of opportunity-cost decisions. I'd certainly play again but only after reading a bit on BGG so I had some sot of game plan.

Up next: Some 15mm WW2 American vehicles are drying.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some 54mm AWI skirmishers

I finished six 54mm American skirmishers this week. Progress was slow because there was curling on a couple of nights and the start of the cross-country ski season made sitting for long periods hard (well, actually the getting up after the sitting was the hard part...).

These are All the King's Men figures in hunting shirts. I tried to mix up the colours--some buckskin, blue, green and red. The red recovered nicely after an ill-fated wash went a bit pink!

The figures have a mix of equipment and bags (the colonial version of "come as you are").

I also varied the darkness of the wash. Some fellows came out looking quite tanned. Oddly, this fellows grey hat looks streaky in the photo (not so in person)--maybe some sort of slight translucence in the paint bouncing off the white primer?

Up next: I have primed and spray coated two tank and now have about twenty 15mm WW2 vehicles to paint. And I'm off to Bruce's Tuesday for a game. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another record-breaking club night

Despite terrible, terrible traffic woes across the city, we had another record-breaking night with (at one point) 25 guys out to game. Terry hosted Dead of Winter (zombies + traitor = fun) and did a good job of refereeing while learning the game. Newbie tip: shotguns are good.

There were so many guys out it was hard to get a good shot. Trevor hosted a game of DropZone Commander while Dave and Dennis played some DBA.

Bruce brought out Look Sarge, No Charts WW2. A double impulse was credited with turning back to Allied invasion.

And there were three games of Warmachine. Again so crowded was hard to get a decent picture!

Up next: Some more 54mm AWI plus maybe some 15mm WW2 vehicles.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some 54mm AWI state troops

Over the weekend, I knocked off a 12-man unit of 54mm AWI colonials by All the King's Men. These are part of my December project--by the end I hope to have enough rebels painted that I can turn to the British.

These are your typical colonial regulars. I painted these up in brown coats to distinguish them the blue coats I did earlier. They could serve as state troops or as regulars. I mixed up a few colours (gaiters, hat ribbon, backpack colour) as I painted so they are uniform but with variation.

I love how a picture shows up all manner of things I don't see when looking at the figures. Above, the guy on the very left appears to be Locutus of Borg (just a shadow around his eye!). Below you can see a front-back shot.

I picked up some paint-on dull coat on the weekend and tried it on this unit. You can see the difference in the shot below and I will go back over the other units that I've done to dull them up some.

Painting over white primer has forced me to re-learn some lessons. I'm currently working on some skirmishers in hunting shirts. I went to give one guy a wash using dark cherry red and his shirt came out hot lavender. Hardly a new mistake, just one you think would have stuck with me over the years.

Up next: Club night tonight and then maybe some more 15mm WW2 if the weather will cooperate enough for me to spray prime a bit.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Few items for sale

I have few items for sale. These include painted 15mm French and Prussian armies for the FPW.

I also have a painted 28mm Arthurian warband (plus dragon!) for sale.

Up next: I had to ship off some 15mm WW2 without taking photos this week. I'm presently working on some 54mm AWI foot. There is another 15mm WW2 army sitting on the shelf awaiting attention. And the club is Tuesday.