Monday, May 23, 2016

Battlelore standards

Jess and I spared over a game of Epic Battlelore last night as I finally finished up most of the major.

Jessica handily beat me (I could not roll worth a damn) but it was nice to play and see my boys out on the table. I think I used the first Epic scenario but took the fantasy element out and stripped off the magic to make the rules simpler (mostly for me--I was tired!).

I've spent a fair bit of time this past week grinding out the banner. The trick here was that they were already stickered so I spent a lot of time painting around the edges. Leaving them as plain grey plastic wasn't really an option as I found I had a hard time telling the green and blue apart. I think the result is pretty good.

Up next: I have about 50 more dwarves to finish. I'm doing them in a giant lot production style. I am also hoping to get these figures out again shortly for a game of Dragon Rampant.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Last of the goblins

I finished off the goblins from the various Battlelore expansions I have. These included a bunch of hyena-riders (I think--or maybe dogs?).

There were six models which makes them about the perfect size for a mounted unit in Dragon Rampant.

There were also a bunch of regular goblins with scimitars and shields.

And four more of the larger goblins with halberds.

Up next: I am slowly making progress on the dwarves. There are maybe three of four lots of them to finish off.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Club Night May 3

We had eight guys out last night at the club and two games ran. Terry hosted a game of tomb robbing (The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus). A fun game with a fair bit of randomness.

As the ceiling starts to the guys who ran deepest into the tomb (where the best treasure is) get nervous.

There was quite  rush at the end and a few near misses. No idea who won--maybe Andy or Terry?

Dave and Elliot played a game of X-wing.

We then had a second go at tomb-raiding. The drama this time was around Andy. he was the last man in the tomb as the escape route got narrower and narrower. But he held his nerve and grabbed treasure after treasure to barely escape. Not sure who won.

Up next: Mayday is Saturday and I also have a bunch of painted goblins that I need to show off. Alas, the summer weather is hard to ignore.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lizard riders

I finished up a few more 15mm lizard riders from my Battlelore pile. I am excited to be almost near the end of the goblins.

Up next: I have a bunch more foot and some dog or wolf riders and the goblins are done. Then onto the remaining dwarves.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 18 club night

We had a dozen guys out a the club on Tuesday and four games ran. Chen, Scott and Terry joined me in a Roman Civil War scenario (Thapsus) from CCA. Game 1 saw Team Caesar (in red) ahead for much of the game.

Then, suddenly, Team Pompeii crushed some heavy units in the centre and that was that.

We switched sides and it looked like another win for Team Pompeii. I was so confident, I was mocking Julius leading from the rear. Then suddenly there was a cavalry attack on the left flank and a three banner swing in favour of Team Caesar! Arrrgh.

There were also two games of Kings of War. The artillery piece was the subject of a 75-dice attack!

And there was some X-wing as well!

Up next: Some more 15mm fantasy figures are drying. Then I'm not sure.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Were-bear? There bear!

The good weather has kept me away from the painting bench these past few weeks, but I have a few pieces that I finally finished.

As I was painting up the 15mm Battlelore figures, I also picked up Dragon Rampant and started looking around for a few monster figures. Kevin kindly gifted me three were/dire bears/wolves.

These are 28mm sculpts so they suitably dwarf the 15mm goblins I have posed them with. I might go back and put some more red in the eyes as the wash dulled the original eyes.

I didn't have any spackle with which to match the Battlelore bases so I just sanded and painted to match.

I've also been cleaning out some stuff from my shelves to donate to the club auction. There will be lots to buy!

Up next: I plan to run a game of CCA (Romans v Romans) at the club this week and even got far enough along to have picked out the units needed for the scenario I'm running. I also have a bunch of goblin lizards riders almost done.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fighting Sail

I was out at Bruce's on Tuesday for a second game of Fighting Sail (an Osprey set). I recall quite liking the rules the first time we played. The mechanics are very slick with variable movement, easy combat and simple damage tracking.

Things started out okay, with both fleets running with the wind towards contact.

Then things got really good as my rolls turned hot and one of Bruce's ships took a real pounding. We had a coupe of ships disintegrate after a combination of close-range rakes and hot dice. I wonder if the ships were a bit brittle? But so far so good.

Then we ran into a real mechanical problem. The ability of the ships to fall with the wind means that when the game gets into a knife fight, whichever player rolls lower on initiative (and goes second) has a huge advantage. We had turn after turn of rakes as the "loser" in the initiative roll swung into the best position. While the initiative winner fires first, if you are getting raked, you don't have much of a target!

This seems to be a design error (as one of the "advantages" you can have is a great admiral who can increase your initiative roll--pretty much the last thing you want). We couldn't figure out an easy fix (which was too bad as the rest of the mechanics are awesome. Maybe simultaneous orders? But that is hard to incorporate give the variable move distances each ship gets each turn.

I had fun and all but this seems like a pretty major (and obvious) issue with the rules (unless we were playing them incorrectly--but I don't think that was the case).