Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CCN and... Risk?!?!

With my vacation underway, Bruce popped over for an afternoon of gaming. I pulled out Commands and Colors Napoleonics and we played the Corunna scenario. This was a historic British victory in a fighting retreat. The French have it tough attacking across fordable streams into hills and towns.

Game one saw the French rush cavalry up the British right flank, crush it and then start to romp on behind the British lines (ack!).

But the british managed to hold off a frontal assault as well as hole up in a town on the river, thereby stalling a French attack on the left. Eventually, the French just ran out of gas and were forced into a gallant cavalry charge up a hill against guns and it was a tight 6-5 British win.

Game 2 developed differently with the French threatening the British right flank but making steady progress on the British left (including drifting part of the centre that way). Lousy British cards plus some dumb-ass luck saw a decisive French win (I don't recall the score but it was lopsided).

Bruce then kindly subjected himself to a game of Risk(!). This is variant from a couple of years back that I got on sale and is designed for two players (Balance of Power is the subtitle). Basically there are objectives and a neutral third power to break-up the usual Risk-for-two slogfest.

Some rules issues aside (doesn't say how you win, for example...), there are some nice ideas wrapped up in the usual Risk rules that advantages the attacker. Not sure I'd bother with this again unless Jessica wants to try it. The pieces are hard to pick up (despite lots of handling to drive some of the command mechanics) and the overall narrative of the the war (set in modern times) doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Tough to make a good variant when you are stuck with a game engine from the 1950s.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 15 club night

We had an astounding 15 gamers out at he club last night, despite the heat. Dave and Scott had a Byzantines versus Normans smack down using Saga.

There were four Warmachine players.

And Terry hosted everyone else in two games of Zombicide.

Our next club night is tUesday August 5. Assuming the heat breaks, I will get back to some 1/72 painting shortly.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New tutorial: Painting vehicles using washes

Just in time for Canada Day, I have published a new tutorial about painting vehicles using a white primer and various washes.

As with the other painting and basing tutorials I have done, these are mostly designed to provide new gamers with some quick-and-easy ways to get troops on their table.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

1/76-scale Matilda II

The first of the BEF troops for my Memoir '40 game is finished. This is an old Airfix 1/76-scale kit. I think this actually a later model than would have seen service in France but whatcanyado?

I did this in a two-tone wash. Meh. The decals help a lot--nice that they didn't shatter as soon as they hit the water. I endsd up using the Australian decals rather than the North African set, as the Aussie decals seem to work better with the green colour. Plus the tank was named "brassiere".

Up next: Likely back to infantry. I have a few French guys primed and a bunch of Zvezda units to build.

Friday, June 27, 2014

1/72-scale Char B and FT-17

These are the first of the French troops for my France 1940 Memoir game. These are an old Matchbox kit (so 1/76-scale). I'm not super-keen on the FT-17 paint job and will likely add a second colour in a bit--painted them to illustrate a later post).

I have two more kits like this to get enough French tanks for all of the scenarios in the campaign book. These were reasonably easy kits but the instructions are all in Chinese so I am working just from the exploding diagrams. I expect the next two bunches should go a bit easier!

Up next: Not sure--likely an article on painting armour using stains and a white base. Then onto some more troops and guns while I put together a larger order for reinforcements.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1/72 37mm ATG

Here is the last of the German guns for Memoir '44 (for now). This is a $5 Zvezda 37mm ATG.

Nice model--I always find the angle of the shield to be a bit fiddly. Great crew figures.

Up next: A Char B1 and an FT 17 are underway.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1/72 75mm infantry gun

Another of the Memoir 44 guns. This is again a $5 Zvezda model for their Art of Tactics game. This time it is a 75mm infantry gun.

I see the figures are vastly more shiny than the model so I will try to hit them with some paint-on dull coat. I may have also gotten carried away with the dust.

Up next: A 37mm ATG and then perhaps onto some French tanks by Canada Day.